Aston Martin Vantage gt3

Aston Martin Teases its Most Extreme Street Car Yet

Aston Martin has officially confirmed that its most extreme street legal car ever is all geared up for the Geneva Motor Show in March. The company officially released a teaser image along with a teaser video and promises this will ‘the most extreme Vantage to date’. As expected, the car manufacturer has not revealed any technical details as of now, but we can expect the new Vantage to feature the same V12 engine as the race car. That engine unit churns out 565bhp in the V12 Vantage  so we can expect the GT3 to churn out as much as 600bhp.

Going by the image, we can expect the Vantage GT3 to sport an aggressive design, the standout feature being the massive fixed rear wing. In addition, we can also expect a combo of carbon fibre and aluminum bodywork along with a faster steering ratio, louder exhaust and a variety of multi-tone paint jobs.

Production is expected to be around not more than a 100 units marking the end of Vantage’s nine-year production run. Meanwhile, a DB9 replacement based on an entirely new platform is expected in 2016. It should soon be followed by a new Vantage which gets inspiration from the new DB10 concept, set to be James Bond’s next ride. Check out the teaser video below-

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