China’s Elevated Bus Is What India Also Needs

China just wowed the world with an Elevated bus that allows cars to drive underneath it. The concept which seems trivial is also becoming a necessity in a country which is aiming to have better public transport in the coming years.

The Bus which can move at 40 to 50 km/h requires a special track and is powered by an electric motor. Think Delhi’s EX-BRT but on steroids and more practical for India. Forcing the Bus to travel on a fixed track, the traffic issues are eliminated. These mega busses can hold 300 passengers and  are 22 meters long, 7.8 meters wide meaning they require two full lanes to travel.


Basically creating a bridge over the traffic as the mega transport travels. The height is fixed so cars below two meters tall can drive under.

While this was a test, and not everyone is convinced that the bus will reach markets at all.


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  1. Anzar Talib Niyazee

    Ya We never spitted kharra in elevated bus. All these things can never happen in India. Jaha rules 100 rs mai ammend ho jaate hai waha kuch nhi hota

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