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Forget Autonomous Cars, This Badass Tractor will Do the Farming for You

This new concept tractor from CNH Industrial is a fully autonomous tractor that looks bad-ass almost bat mobile like. Called the Autonomous Concept Vehicle, the robotic tractor can be programmed using a tablet computer. The Tractor will work  day or night and is designed to plant seeds and harvest crops, among other tasks.

tractor auto

You can set schedules and setup farming systems and walk away, while the tractor does the work for you. If you prefer a traditional approach, you can operate the tractor while sitting on it, and then switch to Autonomous mode.

The sensor and systems allow the tractor to move from a parking area along a private road to a field where it can commence its agricultural duties without any further human intervention.

cnh industries tractor

Powered by a 419-horsepower engine the autonomous tractor has a maximum speed of 31 mph (50 km/hr). While it mayn’t be fully legal to own and operate this tractor the concept is very interesting.


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