Gibbs’ Biski is a Motorcycle that is also a Jet Ski

Ever ride your motorcycle by the beach and feel like driving it straight into the water just for kicks? Well, Biski is the motorcycle that will actually do that for you. The Biski is what you get when you combine “motorcycle” and a “jet ski”.

The Biski is one of those constructions that is more than the sum of its looks. It’s not the prettiest looking motorcycle out there, not even close. But the Biski is all about what’s underneath. It packs a two-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 55 horsepower that owers the rear wheel. This engine allows the Biski to do 80 mph on the road and 37 mph in water.

As the video shows, the Biski on land looks pretty much like a jet ski on wheels from an ariel view. It is big and bulbous-looking. After cruising on the road for a while the rider hits the water where it switches controls over to the jet ski with a push of a button. It takes a few seconds for the wheels to retract and the dual-jet water propulsion to kick in. The motorcycle-turned-jet ski is pretty fast in water as well.

The Biski is currently available in blue colour and Gibbs has not listed its price as of yet.


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