Rolls Royce Prepping Its Own Off-Road SUV

Rolls Royce is apparently going to do something unthinkable, the luxury car manufacturer is going to build its own off-roader. But the industry grapevine suggests it won’t just be any SUV, they are planning to make a proper off-roader or as the company puts it – “It is sure to be one of the world’s most expensive vehicles, one that’s long and tall, not boxy, per se”

Rolls Royce has also promised that the new venture is going to stick to its brand philosophy, all the way down to the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament and will be built on an entirely new chassis.

Now we have reached another seminal moment in Rolls-Royce’s 111-year journey, the pioneering, adventurous spirit upon which the brand was founded, with effortless luxury.

Torsten Muller-Otvas
CEO Rolls

CEO Torsten Muller-Otvas gave the official confirmation via an open letter. Rolls Royce officials are not calling it an SUV, but rather a “a high-bodied car with an all-aluminum architecture.” They further said that its fair to call it an SUV, though it wont be considered a truck.

As of now no other details have emerged, but there is an indication that the ‘off-roader’ could be called Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

The announcement by Rolls Royce’s arch-rival Bentley that its going to prep its own SUV called the Bentayga, may have triggered Rolls to embark on their own SUV journey.

Currently, Rolls Royce manufactures three cars – the giant Phantom sedan, slightly smaller Ghost and the Wraith fastback.

Meanwhile, Jaguar also officially confirmed their SUV with an announcement in January that it would be launching the F-Pace 4×4.

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