Yamaha Focuses On Efficiency With Their India FZ and FZ-S Release

The fuel prices are bad right now, and auto sales have seen a sharp dip in the past year. Seeing how the tide has turned, Yamaha has tried to adapt its Indian stars FZ and FZ-S accordingly. The company has reduced power in the new models to improve fuel efficiency.

Yamaha has replaced the 153 cc engine with a smaller 149 cc engine and has packed the bikes with fuel injection and lighter frame. This is a major overhaul for the bikes ever since their introduction back in 2008.

The bikes, unveiled by John Abraham, retain the muscular styling that has been their forte. The bikes were showcased at the Auto Expo 2014 in Delhi. The styling also got its fair share of long overdue touch-ups.

Visually the bikes have got split seats, new headlight design and a new instrument control with LCD multi-function digital display. The reworked tail lamps along with the rear design stand out. The bikes will be on offer in six color options. These bikes totally hunk out the competition.

The reworked Headlights and Air ducts are a looker.

Reworked Headlights and Air ducts are a looker.

In the performance field apart from the engine overhaul, the bikes are stated to be aerodynamic. Improved initial pickup, fewer vibrations, and radial tubeless tyres will help to increase fuel efficiency.

Yamaha’s new 149.1cc fuel injected engine makes 13.1PS of power and 12.8Nm. Power drops on the new FZ FI and FZ-S from 14PS to 13.1PS while torque drops from 13.6Nm to 12.8Nm. The Blue Core of the bikes enables a quicker low down thrust and increase in fuel economy by almost 14 per cent.

The Yamaha FZ-S has better air ducts for better combustion and exhaust which enhances efficiency and lowers emissions. The service periods for the fuel injection and oil changes are set at 6000 KMs.

The audacious graphics make the bikes look beastly

Audacious graphics make the bikes look beastly

With an ex-showroom price of the new Yamaha FZ FI at Rs 76,250 and the new Yamaha FZ-S FI at Rs 78,250, they make sense for performance, style and efficiency enthusiasts. Yamaha promises good deals on the bikes, and they might just win the markets with these offerings.

We would like to see more competition for better fuel efficiency, and that is exactly what the markets need right now. This will ease the pain for a lot of people deciding between food for the belly and fuel for the bike.

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