Garmin Launched New Personal Navigation Devices For India

Garmin, one of the leading GPS technology providers, introduced three new Personal Navigation Devices (PND) products in the Indian market. With new devices, the company is eyeing at 35% market share which is expanding day by day.

Garmin sales and marketing director Tony An said that they have 42% market share worldwide. “We have 74% market share in the US,” he added. Asia, An said, led by China and India, is one of the fastest growing regions.

The company has launched three models from its 2014 personal navigation devices range – nuvi 55LM, nuvi 65LM, and nuvi 2567LM at Rs 10,990, Rs 14,990, and Rs. 17,990 respectively. The devices will be available in market starting June 27.

The nuvi 55 LM is a committed GPS navigator that features a 5-inch dual-orientation display, for use horizontally or vertically. It enables users to keep the device up-to-date with the latest maps without additional fees. It also offers Up Head feature allowing users to find places like restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and shops – without leaving the map.


The nuvi 65 LM features a 6-inch dual-orientation display, for use horizontally or vertically. The device is compatible for Tire Pressure Monitoring system (TPMS), that helps in monitoring air pressure and real time tire pressure. It also offers an Advanced Highway Mode informing users about approaching exits on highway, a new house search algorithm for easier search, text-to-speech with street names in Indian English, voice guidance available both in Hindi and English, and Go To Office/ Go Home.


The nuvi 2567 LM is part of Garmin’s Advanced Series equipped with new navigation assist features. Some of the unique features that nuvi 2567 comes with include One Search Bar that allows search by POI and addresses, Quick Search List- easy searching method, by categories, saved and recent searching record, Lane Assist, Up-Head, Advanced Highway Mode, Natural Guidance, Bluetooth, hands-free calls and Smartphone Link for connecting the navigator to a phone for access to phone-searched locations and real-time traffic information.

The company has also tied up with Indian food site, to offer real-time recreational information. With Bluetooth technology, consumers can make hands-free voice call. The PND giant has incorporated information on India’s 3,000 heritage sites too.

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