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Piaggio Launches a Special Edition Scooter, The Vespa Esclusivo VX125

Piaggio India has launched a special edition version of the Vespa VX125 automatic scooter. The Esclusivo version of the Vespa VX125 adds 4 major changes. The Esclusivo substrate on the front apron and side panels, colorful stitching for the seat, numbered Esclusivo plate on the front, luggage compartment lid and alloy wheels with black and silver power coating.

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Piaggio is offering just 1,000 units of these exclusive Vespa automatic scooters to buyers in Pune and Hyderabad only. What makes these scooters really special is that each scooter will have a unique number between 1 to 1000, taking the exclusivity factor to another level. The Esclusivo version of the scooter costs Rs 3100 more than the regular VX125 model. White, red and matte black colours are offered for the Esclusivo Vespa VX125.

The main function of this version of the Vespa VX125 is to make the scooter even more attractive to buyers. As per the information, the manufacturer is importing the Esclusivo batches specially from Italy.

Exclusive Number Plate On Vespa VX125

Exclusive Number Plate On Vespa VX125

The Esclusivo is just a visual upgrade. Mechanically it remains same as the Vespa VX model. The limited edition Esclusivo runs on a 125cc air-cooled motor capable of producing 10.1PS of power and 10.06Nm of torque and is mated with a CVT transmission.

Piaggio India sells the Vespa range as a premium automatic scooters. And because of this positioning all Vespa scooters sold in India are priced higher than similar scooters from other manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha and TVS Motors. The higher price tag for the Vespa scooters has resulted in limited sales for Piaggio India. This limited edition is priced at Rs 73,387.

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