No Brakes or Steering Needed for this Google Car

In the world according to Google, cars don’t just have to be smart but need to be intelligent. The company has been working on a self driving Google car for quite a while now and we all have seen the videos of prototypes in the past. But on 27th of May, Google released the video of a truly driverless model with no physical steering or brakes.

The cars main weapon of location finding is the GPS. Apart from that they also use top mounted lasers for understanding their environment. This will probably spell doom for the entire chauffeur industry. The car’s futuristic sensors make a chauffeur out of the car itself.

The video below explains the technology behind the Cars.

The car’s top priority is safety. The safety factor is not just for the occupants of the vehicle but pedestrians, cyclists and fellow drivers too. Google’s manual control devoid car relies heavily on the sensors and software’s. The sensors constantly map out the path for the car and objects around it. It is programmed to understand all kinds of objects on the street. Think how many drunk driving incidents and other forms of road accidents can be avoided by using this technology.

This is one of the major infrastructural investments which might bring a real revolution in transport systems of the future. Big companies should constantly invest their massive capitals in creating real world advancement for the human civilization.

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The Car might be appreciated by Beacon crazy Indians

Driverless cars are a cool idea which will be in a prototype stage for the considerable future. At the current R&D investment, they will take about the next decade to become fully functional for roads around the world. But  the real gearheads would never opt for a car which doesn’t work according to their controls. So its still left to see how Google would convince them. Our suggestion, an Augmented Reality gaming capability on the windscreen to make the ride more fun and make use of that “extra” piece of hardware.

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