Student Invents World’s First Foldable Car

These days you take more time to find a parking space than the time to reach your destination. The problem of parking space is increasing every single day with the  rise of number of cars. To solve this problem, an Austrian student designed an Origami car which is foldable, light-weight and can reach a speed of 60km per hour.

Helmut Brunner, student of Frank Stronach Institute at Graz University of Technology, designed this 400kg three-passenger vehicle as part of his diploma thesis. The aim of the project is to design a car that would take as little space as a motorbike while parked. This was achieved by reducing the wheelbase to about half and introducing an innovative folding technology to reduce its size.

The design of the foldable car is two-door, made from aluminium and plastic. It is intended for short distance city trips, able to fit into small parking spaces and transport medium-sized shopping purchases.

When the vehicle is set up to drive, it is a little over three metres in length and when it’s folded, it is about two metres long. For safety it will also have built-in air bags and the electric motor running it is emission-free. The possible price of the car is said to 6000-7000 Euros, which is somewhere around INR 480,000-560,000.

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