Healthy Car Tips to Prevent GM-like Situations

The biggest news in the automobile industry is the massive recall from General Motors(GM) in the US because of multiple issues in their cars. Now many have begun to wonder if there is a sure shot way of keeping their cars safe. Though the GM problems are because of manufacturing issues, we look at some solutions that can prevent incidents similar to those in GM cars.

These are a few ways to maintain a healthy car:

  1. Light keys for ignition switches : The ignition switch has been a major issue with the GM products. The ignition switch sometimes would turn off thereby disabling the brakes and air bag deployment during accidents. The major cause of this was GM knowingly installing ignition switches which it knew would fail. This problem can occur in normal cars if the keychain is too heavy. The weight coupled with its bounce on the road loosens the tumblers inside the ignition which can make it ineffective in the future. Keep your car keys to the bare minimum.
  2. Maintaining Power Steering : The power steering has been a boon for the urban population but it is not as well maintained as the other parts of the car. Power steering is also extremely expensive to replace, so a proper maintenance is necessary for unwanted expenses later. Though the failure rate on power steerings is low but this is an easy preventive precaution.
    All you need to do is regularly change your Steering fluid. If there isn’t enough fluid it can either damage the pump or rack and pinion without fluid to cushion them. A clean fluid is clear, amber or pinkish in color. When you notice the fluid going brown or black its time to ask the mechanic to test the fluid. Also regularly examine the hoses and lines around the power steering pump for possible leaks.
  3. The Power Breaks: Well, this undoubtedly was the biggest problem with the GM cars. Without breaks cars are useless and so we should always be vigilant of the situation. While rotating your tires makes sure that the brake pads are in good condition. Replace them when you can observe the wear and tear on the. Brake fluid is extremely important element of the car. Make sure it is always change the brake fluid if it changes color or is below the prescribed levels. Water and condensation can make your fluid appear milky; this would be a good time to replace the fluid. Leaving a contaminated brake fluid can destroy your master cylinder in the brake system. It can also deteriorates your wheel cylinders.

This was all for today. Watch this space for weekly tips on hop to keep your car healthy and fit!

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