BMW to Launch i3 electric car in India in 2014

BMW will launch the electric i3 in India next year. The car is powered by a 125KW motor run by lithium ion batteries, has a range of about 150km on a single charge. BMW i has been created specifically for vehicles that will use electric engine. The i8 too will come to India in future. Both the i3 and the i8 will come to India as completely built units.


The i3, which measures less than 4m in length, uses carbon fibre reinforced polymer or CFRP for the body shell that sits on an all aluminium rolling chassis. The car weighs less than 1200kg and has a top speed of 150kmph. It can also accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in 7.9 seconds which is very impressive for a electric car.

It uses recycled plastic and natural fibre and wood to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Company claimed that i3 uses 50 percent less energy and 70 percent less water than any average car.

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