Nismo Micra may be in Nissan India’s plans

The Micra has performed averagely in the Indian markets since its launch in 2010 and Nissan is well aware of it. The hatchback’s facelifted version was launched in India, immediately after its international unveiling, and with more universally attractive styling too. Reports from Autocar India suggest that Nissan is now pondering over the introduction of a hot version of the Micra, tuned by its performance division, Nismo (Nissan Motorsport).

Nismo Micra

The new Nismo Micra was revealed internationally soon after the base version and features lots of tempting updates. The Nismo Micra (or March, as it’s called in Japan) offers new bumpers, side skirts and wheels and lots of typical Nismo red accents. The international version gets a different exhaust, stiffer suspension and bigger brakes as well, but these features may not make it to India due to cost-cutting, assuming the car makes it to India at all. The Nismo Micra also has sporty and comfortable interiors.

Nismo Micra

The international model’s 114bhp, 16kgm, 1.5-litre petrol engine should however make it on to the Indian version. Nissan is working hard to make the deal go through, and introduce the Nismo Micra in the increasingly competitive Indian market, however the move has not been finalised yet. If it does go through, we can expect the car to cost upwards of Rs. 8 Lakh.

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