Google to Deliver Packages Using Self Driving Trucks

After trying their hand at self-driving cars, and drones, Google now has plans to take over the highways with autonomously driven trucks. Latest patent awarded to Google has revealed that the tech giant is exploring the idea of developing  self-driving delivery trucks.

Google’s patent talks about what will be called “autonomous delivery platform” for delivery trucks. This particular news will ring alarm bells at Amazon headquarters as recently it had revealed plans of launching its very own fleet of delivery drones.

The patent outlines the trucks to be fitted with a number of lockers that will be unlocked via a code sent to the person waiting for the delivery. The patent also suggests at a mechanism which will see the locker be opened by a customer using a card to pay the delivery amount.

delivery trucks

The patent read ” An autonomous road vehicle is operative to receive destination information, and to drive to a destination based on the destination information. A package securing subsytem is attached to the autonomous road vehicle and comprises at least one securable compartment.’

The patent document further talks about the use of video cameras and range-finding lasers as a way for trucks to find its way around the city.

‘Automated road vehicles can use various sensors, for example, video cameras, radar sensors and laser range finders, to “see” other traffic, as well as detailed maps to navigate a road, and a communication subsystem, such as a wireless communication subsystem, to communicate with a controller and other entities.’



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