Porsche To Steer Clear of Autonomous Cars

Self-driving cars represent the future of the auto industry, or at least, it’s  the narrative that car makers and tech companies want you to believe these days. The aim is to take car enthusiasts and general consumers to a world where cars drive themselves while drivers are relegated to being mere observers.


But this is not what Porsche envisions the future of automobiles to be. Asked about if the company has plans for autonomously driven cars, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume had this to say “one wants to drive a Porsche by oneself.” Speaking to a German news daily he further added, “an iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road.” That last bit could be seen as him taking a jibe at Apple’s plans for self-driving cars.

Going by what Blume said, it is clear that Porsche does not plan to join luxury car-makers who are trying to develop self-driving vehicles. Porsche is trying to place itself as a sports car company targeting customers who buy cars for the thrill of driving it, and not as a luxury transportation machine. Can’t say we don’t agree with Porsche’s vision for the future of sports cars.

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