Volkswagen Teases its New Electric Concept Ahead of CES

We’ve been hearing for a while now that Volkswagen-owned Audi and Porsche have been working on electric cars themselves. Volkswagen doesn’t want to be left behind on that front especially now when all we hear these days is more trouble for the scandal-plagued company. VW has been focussing all its energy (whatever is left of it) on EV production. We know that Volkswagen is ready to unveil its new electric car at the CES in January, and today, the company released a small teaser of the mysterious new car.

The teaser of the boxy shape front has raised suspicion that VW is ready with its much-talked about microbus revival. Yes, VW has been teasing for years now that it was working on bringing back the iconic ‘Hippie van’ that was the face of the ’60s counterculture movement. Only this time, if it indeed is a microbus, it will be all electric.


VW Bulli Concept (2011)

The illuminated grill suggest a more modern, almost futuristic, aesthetic. However, a VW spokesman recently told Autocar that a new interpretation of the Bus would have three very important design nods to the old version.

Whether Microbus or not, the new direction for the company has undoubtedly emerged from the ongoing Dieselgate scandal. The automaker’s head of passenger cars, Dr. Herbert Diess, will give a keynote address at CES on January 5, which will focus on how going the electric route is the new driving force in the automotive community.

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