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The Most Popular Car Shows on Television Today

Car shows on television have come a long way. It’s not the dry, talk and listen show of yesteryear anymore. Todays car shows try to make learning about cars and automobiles interesting with innovative with humour and wacky challenges. Here are some shows that are currently killing it on television.

Top Gear UK

Arguably the greatest car show on television. Top Gear UK redefined the way a car show should be made. Yes, it can be gut-wrenchingly hilarious and informative at the same time. You’ve got to have the right people for it, though. That’s what Top Gear got right with main host Jeremy Clarkson.

No other car show currently on television brings as many stunning adventures, celebrities in the newest of cars and playful jokes among the three hosts, and of course the wild inventions and outrageous challenges as Top Gear does. Have a look at a video where Clarkson tries to destroy Toyota’s virtually indestructible Hilux, just because he never backs away from a challenge. Also, the Hilux has got to be the Chuck Norris of cars.

Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear may not be as widely popular as Top Gear, though no show is if you think about it, but it is still the second best UK-based TV show out there. Fifth Gear is a more toned down, news-like show and usually reviews more affordable cars than its counterpart. A couple of the hosts were once professional race car drivers, which gives you some pretty interesting insights about the cars.

Fifth Gear also has better camera work  and even though its a toned down version, it still hs tons of laughs here provided by the four hosts, all of who have their own quirks when it comes to cars. Vicki Butler-Henderson, for example, gives a squealing laugh when she loves a car.

Counting Cars

The spinoff to Pawn Stars is an American reality television series, called Counting Stars. The series follows Danny ‘The Count’ Koker and his staff as they restore and modify classic automobiles and motorcycles, and also documents the occasional conflict among the cast members. The show has some over-the-top drama, which may put off those who just want to know about cars. Here’s the first episode of Counting Cars.

Fast N’ Loud

Similar in taste to Counting Cars, Fast N’ Loud features Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman from the Dallas, Texas-based Gas Monkey Garage as they search for run-down cars, and with the help of the GMG crew, restore them for profit. The show is incredibly humorous. Overall, compared to the many other resto-mod shows out there, this one is the best for real car guys. Rawlings searches high and low for targets, so you get a wide variety rare old classics.


Okay, this isn’t exactly a car show. MythBusters uses science and proof to test the validity of rumours and myths of all kinds. There are some instances, however, where cars are involved as well. It’s fun to watch a show that looks at some popular beliefs attached to vehicles. For example, escaping a car underwater is actually possible (if you can hold your breath long enough) and the video below shows just that.


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