Volkswagen to Recall 2.46 Million Cars with Illegal Software in Germany

Volkswagen’s troubles doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. The numbers keep piling up in what has become an unfathomable mess for the German carmaker. News straight from Volkswagen’s home town tell us that the carmaker will have to recall around 2.46 million cars that have been fitted with defeat devices, according to reports by Die Welt newspaper.

The defeat devices that allowed the diesel cars to cheat the emissions tests include a software that VW will need to remove or replace.The newspaper stated that 1.54 million German VW cars need to be fixed as well as 531,813 Audi-branded cars, 286,970 Skoda models, and 104,197 at Seat.

Volkswagen has yet to issue a statement on this latest development. Earlier, when the scandal broke out, VW stated that about 8.5 million cars will need to be fixed in Europe. At the moment, it’s unclear whether the latest numbers were taken into consideration or not. VW also said that it has reserved 6.7 billion euros to help cover the cost of the recalls and another 2 billion euros for compensation payments.

According to some analysts, who are calculating the potential cost of VW’s scandal in fines, lawsuits and vehicle refits, the numbers exceed 40 billion euros. Follow this space for more.

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