Drug Driving Suit

Ford’s ‘Drug Driving Suit’ Shows You What Driving is Like When You’re High

To teach young kids the perils of driving under the influence of drugs, Ford has come up with a ‘Drug Driving Suit’ that simulates the feeling of being high as a kite, so that you can know what driving is when completely drugged out.

Ford’s ‘Drug Driving Suit’ is a fun-body intoxication simulator that is designed to simulate the effects of drugs on driver attention, coordination and reaction time. This is done by using heavy weights and bulk padding and strategically placing them around limbs limiting mobility and response time. The goggles are used to distort vision, cause tunnel vision and flashes of lights to distract the driver. The headphones give off randomised sounds to create auditory distractions. Finally, the kinetic gloves simulate tremors making it difficult to control motor skills and coordination.

“Driving after taking illegal drugs can have potentially fatal consequences for the driver, their passengers, and other road users,” said Jim Graham, manager of the Ford Driving Skills for Life program. The program allows young new drivers to learn about road safety. The program also provides driving lessons in a monitored, closed environment.

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