Volkswagen Will Begin Fixing Affected Deisel Cars

Volkswagen said on Tuesday that it will repair the 11 million vehicles that have been tampered with in the emission scandal. According to Reuters, the new CEO Matthias Mueller said that the German carmaker would let the customers know in the coming days that they would need to refit the illegal software in their diesel vehicles.

Volkswagen has stated that the company has kept aside $7.3 billion for this purpose, however, analysts are now suggesting that the cost to refit all the affected vehicles could be a lot more.

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It is still unclear how VW plans to update the cars. Presumably,  since the fault is with the software, the company might replace it or make the necessary changes with the existing software. Whatever may be the solution, you can be certain that the regulators will properly scrutinize VW’s plans from here on, making sure the solution is actually solving the problem.

Since it was the rigged software that allowed the diesel cars to function properly, albeit causing more environment and health issues, the new software is likely to affect the mileage and performance of the cars, which have so far been the company’s main selling points.

The emission scandal has brought to light one important fact that diesel cars may not be as fuel efficient and clean as they promise to be. Once the dust settles over VW, the Environmental Protection Agency will begin investigating other diesel car manufacturers as well.

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