This Brilliantly Simple Design Makes The Middle Row The Best Spot On The Plane

We all love the window seat, and it’s perhaps always our first request at the ticket counter. The aisle seat would be the next choice if the window isn’t available. We all hate sitting in the cramped and crowded middle seat, where you have to squeeze between two passengers with limited elbow room.

However, with this new airplane seat concept, sitting in the middle seat becomes more comfortable. Impossible right? But the design will add an extra two inches of space, have its own dedicated armrests, and would also speed up the process of getting on and off the plane with the Slide-Slip Seat.

As the video suggests, the aisle seat slides sideways over the middle seat giving an additional 22-inches aisle room for passengers during boarding. The center seat is lower than the window and aisle and is set a few inches back. The lower middle seat will give more room and more comfort for passengers to work on their laptops, eat, or sleep.

Mashable reported that Hank Scott of the Denver-based firm Molon Labe Design is the brains behind the Slide-Slip Seat. Scott is working with the National Institute for Aviation Research to get the seat certified for commercial aircrafts. If this design comes through, the extra aisle room will cut down boarding and disembarking time by nearly 33 percent. We may also see a day when the middle seat becomes the most coveted spot for passengers. Only time will tell.

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