Tesla’s Model 3 Line-up will Include a Crossover

Electric cars are a goal that every automotive manufacturer aims to achieve today. Market leader, Tesla will be done with production of the new Model 3 by 2017. The car, which will be the cheapest Tesla ever, is expected to retail for about $35,000.

Tesla Motors has mulled over the situation and decided to give the people a variety of options. Instead of just bringing out a single model, its mass-market Model 3 line-up will include both crossover and sedan. The massive project will see almost a million Teslas on roads by 2020.

The Chief Technical Officer of Tesla, JB Straubel, revealed the company’s plans at a conference in Washington. He said that the third-generation vehicles will be available as both sedans and crossovers, and are under development presently. The Model 3 line-up is expected to cost about $35,000, which is due in 2017, and gives a battery range of 200 miles. Further adding, Straubel remarked Tesla should be able to sell 5,00,000 cars annually by 2020.

There are very scarce details of the project at this point. Certainly, Tesla thinks ahead of the league and this scheme of building electric car types will make Tesla an accessible brand. We expect to see the cars starting from a low range to a high price point.

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