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Nissan Says Their Driverless Car Will Come Out By 2020

Many companies, including Google, are now working on the lines of developing cars that will eliminate the need for human drivers. Nissan Motor Co. is one such company. CEO Carlos Ghosn said that their vehicles would come with autonomous driving technology by 2020.

Carlos Ghosn said that a good amount of progress is being made towards the goal of producing such cars in another 5 years. Ghosn is very confident that autonomous cars are the future. He studied the market with consumers and concluded that young drivers would prefer these driverless cars with zero or minimum emissions and connectivity. Ghosn stated that connectivity means duplicating experiences such as accessing the Internet, seeing movies and having access to other facilities a person has in his home, in the vehicle itself.

Google car

Google’s Driverless Car

Ghosn said

Nissan sees autonomous vehicles as adding to driving pleasure, and a totally driver-less car is not at the center of the automaker’s plans.

He pointed out towards the only hurdle on the way, which is the approval of regulators from around the world. According to Ghosn, autonomous driving is just an added driving pleasure and an entirely driverless car is not the main gameplay of Nissan. He cited reasons stating that consumers are more conservative now, and that is why driverless cars are the cars of the future.

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