Uber Inks a Deal With Chinese Automobile Maker BYD, Set to Use Electric Cars in Chicago

Uber Inc, the American based company, known for operating the popular mobile-app-based transportation network called Uber, has joined hands with Chinese automobile maker, BYD to test a fleet of electric cars.

Kicking off a few weeks ago in Chicago, the test program could eventually land up to other cities soon. This would be the company’s first endeavour in the making of an electric vehicle. In the words of Lauren Altmin, Uber spokeswoman,

We’ve seen interest in the program already from current and potential Chicago partners (drivers).

The electric car concept is a part of Uber’s programme to help drivers buy or lease both, old and new cars. Approximately, 25 BYD E6 electric sedans are currently being used by Uber drivers in Chicago through Green Wheels, USA. The company hopes to reach a milestone of a few hundred by the end of this year, according to Doug Snower, President of Green Wheels.


E6 Electric Sedan

Green Wheels is also offering discrete options to those who are interested to drive the E6. One among those allows an Uber driver to pay $200 per week for the privilege. The vehicle would then be returned the Green Wheels, where it is charged unless it is used again.

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