Mercedes Manic Pro-Racer, the AMG GT3 Fully Unveiled

Check out the new Mercedes AMG GT3, the GT supercar’s angrier sibling. Images of this mean machine are all over the cybersphere now, and boy is it going to strike fear among rivals. This manic pro racer is meant only for tracks, built to FIA GT3 regulations, locking horns against the likes of Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458 and Aston Vantage.

Like most GT racing cars, the AMG GT3, in comparison to its road version, has a much wider wheel base resulting in a car that’s a lot more ballistic. For starters, the front sports a new eye-catching grille, along with an extended splitter that can be seen on each side of the bumper. In addition, the bonnet seems to have been entirely revamped, along with a massive rear wing peeking out of the roof.

It gets an aluminium platform underneath taken from its street legal sibling, while everything else is carbonfibre from the bonnet, the doors, front wings, boot lid and all of that aerodynamics equipment to reduce the overall kerb weight of the car.

Powering the AMG GT3 would be a naturally aspirated 6.3 litre V8 sourced from the SLS AMG GT3, while powering the drivetrain would be a six speed sequential racing gearbox.

The new Mercedes AMG GT3 is geared up for the Geneva Motor Show before it reaches the starting grid. Meanwhile, we can also expect a street legal GT3 version, word is there will be a GT Black Series version to follow.

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