QUANTiNO is the New Concept Car With 1,000 KM Range

Till date, car iterations have focused on improved mileage and powerful engine, but a new car concept purposed by a Liechtenstein-based company can bring revolution in car technology. NanoFlowCell has teased a new concept car that would use the company’s flow battery and can travel up to a 1,000 km once it’s fueled up with ionic fluids. Titled QUANTiNO, the car will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

The company talked about the car saying that it’s a large sedan and not a small car

Please consider that we are driving a 5.25-m long sports sedan in all-electric mode over a range of 800 km. This is not a small car, but a large sedan for four people. A sports sedan.

The flow cell technology concept by NanoFlowCell is robust. It houses a 175-litre tank which holds the positive and negative ionic fluids. The car’s small size contributes in optimizing efficiency along with the 48-volt drive system.


Chief Technical Officer Nunzio La Vecchia drew light on QUANTiNO saying, “As the small brother of the QUANT E and the QUANT F, we wanted to emphasize the fact that the QUANTiNO belongs to the QUANT family. Both the front and rear end clearly demonstrate this kinship. In particular, the large 22-inch wheels which the QUANTiNO has adopted from its big brothers in the QUANT family set it apart in its class in terms of appearance.”

The concept car looks sporty and can reach the speed of up to 200 km/h. The rear and front ends are derived from the Quant E and the Quant F, and its wheels are large at 22-inches.

NanoFlowCell has kept the other details under wraps, and willing buyers will have to wait till the Geneva Motor Show that starts on March 3.

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