Nissan leaf glow

Check Out the New Nissan Leaf, World’s First Glow-in-the-Dark Car

It seems Leaf owners are finding it difficult to locate their cars in the dark, as the Japanese car manufacturer has unveiled a Leaf model with a spooky glow-in-the-dark paint. Nissan has teamed up with inventor Hamish Scott, the man responsible for creating the starpath glowing footpath.

The same luminous paint has been applied on the Leaf, that absorbs solar energy during daytime and then releases it for upto 10 hours overnight. It’s made entirely out of organic materials, that provides the gentle spooky glow.

There are numerous UV car wraps existing in the market, but it’s the first time an official car manufacturer has given the outer paint layer. Meanwhile, Nissan states that, ‘if’ the bold paint scheme was put on sale, the glow would last for 25 years. Now that’s a bit hard to digest, but you never know with technology these days.

Meanwhile, Nissan also claims the paint scheme initiative has been undertaken to showcase the growing number of Leaf owners charging their cars using solar energy.

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