According to Chief Ezpeleta, India Has Immense Potential to Host the MotoGP

In the not too distant future, India will be ready to host the MotoGP. According to Chief Executive of Dorna Sports, which holds the television and commercial rights to the sport, believes that India being the world’s second largest motorcycle market, has a better future than Formula One.

The first Formula One GP was hosted in India in 2011 which apparently received positive reviews from the global community, though was dropped from the calender after the third race in 2013. Considerable bureaucracy along with hazards posed by Indian tax structure were major obstacles for the F1 community.

Ezpeleta thinks of India to be a very important market for MotoGP, and hopes that the MotoGP community gets the desired support to be successful in India, being the second largest motorcycle market after China.

“Motorbikes are very popular in India and are much closer to normal people,” Ezpeleta told Reuters in an interview.

Dorna CEO Ezpeleta

Carmelo Ezpeleta speaks during a news conference at the Wrooom. Image Credits: Reuters

Meanwhile, Indian automaker Mahindra is all set to enter the 2015 Moto3 World Championship and is expected to play a pivotal role for the success of MotoGP in a country like India.


We need three things to be successful in a country like India. First a manufacturer being part of the deal and in this case we have Mahindra. Secondly, we need to have Indian riders but unfortunately we have none presently and for that we have the Asian Talent Cup. And finally, we need to have a grand prix. Weekend MotoGP races feature regularly on television channels in India, which is crucial for the promotion and popularity of the sport in the country

Carmelo Ezpeleta
Chief Executive Dorna Sports

The 2015 MotoGP season will have 18 races while promoters are aiming at 20 in the next two years.

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