Elon Musk Is All Set To Make Hyperloop a Reality

Mr. Musk’s superpower of course is his genius because of which he is rapidly changing the world. From electric cars to a permanent base on the Mars, this man wants to do it all for a safe future for humanity. One of his most audacious is the Hyperloop transportation system which Elon claims will transport people from San Francisco to Los Angeles, a distance of about 570 KM in just 35 minutes. The engineers working on the project are all set to build a Hyperloop track for testing. This might just be the transportation medium of the future.

Hyperloop is expected to transport commuters in small pressurized capsules through near-vacuum tubes. The capsules will travel at an average speed of 962 Km/h and is capable of reaching top speed of 1220 Km/h. The plans till now were only on paper and the technology explained in rudimentary drawings. But now Elon tweeted that they will finally build a test track for companies and students.

There still aren’t a lot of fine details but Mr. Musk has a history of doing or attempting what he plans. A student competition, as indicated by Elon in his tweet, is also a great initiative to engage the engineers of tomorrow to work on the transportation technology of tomorrow. There need to be more initiatives like these where students and experts can come together to exhibit potential revolutionary transportation systems.

Hyperloop will take passengers in pressurized capsules through vacuum tubes.

Hyperloop will take passengers in pressurized capsules through vacuum tubes.

For a while now we have been using the conventional 20th century mode of transport such as Aircraft’s, Trains and the good old buses. The 21st century demands an infrastructure that goes with the times. We need a transportation system that are faster, safer, clean and green as we don’t have the luxury of using the gas guzzlers for long. We need more than one idea to take transportation services to the next step, and Hyperloop seems like a good place to start.

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