Audi Plans to Woo Indians with 10 New Models in 2015

It’s evident that international brands are trying terribly hard to impress the audience in India. Almost every major brand has found a home in this colorful tropical land. Audi is one of these major brands that has caught quite a market for itself.

The company recently launched the Audi A3 Cabriolet – its latest entrant on Indian roads presently sells 17 models here. The head of Audi India, Joe King said on the occasion that the company will be launching 10 new models in the coming year.

Last year (2013,) the company sold 10,002 vehicles, thus skipping past the mighty 10,000 unit wall in the luxury car segment. This year the company also launched the A3 sedan in India; that was built at its Aurangabad based plant.

Mr. King said that 2014 was the best year for his company, and they surpassed last year’s sales numbers too. Following this encouraging news, the company will be bringing in new variants of existing models as well as cars in new segments. They intend to capture more of the luxury market share. King added that the company will also be investing more resources in the country considering the immense long-term potential of the Indian market.

It is encouraging to see the international brands eyeing the Indian market with such seriousness. This should encourage the government to ease the process of doing business in India. This would also help to create jobs as well as boost entrepreneurship in the country. We hope to see even bigger commitments by the international brands for the country soon.

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