Top 5 Auto Ads of 2014 That are Worth Watching

Gotta admit, automakers are big show-offs. With the launch of every new car, they spend millions on marketing campaigns. And why not? It is not easy to sell a car. Cars have become a part of the cultural fabric of our modern lifestyle and automakers relentlessly try to convince us to go for their models. While for a few it works like a charm, for others most ads are easily forgotten.

We are listing the top 5 recent automobile ads that kept us hooked:

5. ‘Above & Beyond’ Land Rover

Above and Beyond is one of the biggest automobile ad campaign in history. The 90-second long ad celebrates the ‘breadth and range of uses of Land Rovers around the world’. The ad captures the unique breadth of capability that is in the DNA of every Land Rover and the potential of drivers to make the most of their world. Well, if you are a Land Rover owner, don’t be surprised if you get goosebumps.

4. ‘Dirty Driving’ Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz and its long time advertising partner Lukas Lindemann Rosinski teamed up for the new and amazing Dirty Driving commercial. Well, it starts with the classic ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack ‘Time of Our Life’ in which an S 63 AMG Coupé and an Actros romance and go all the way. Forget about Dirty Dancing, it’s time for Dirty Driving.

3. ‘Unbreakable Driver’ Toyota HiLux

Well, this one is a killer. Toyota has inverted the idea of test drive and made it about drivers. Men set to overcome a gamut of quests in order to achieve the ultimate prize – a key to HiLux. HiLux drivers need to beat spiders crawling across their faces. They need to be able to walk over hot coals looking cool with a surfboard under arm and scoff down a scorching hot meat pie. They’ve got to be real men if they want to drive this vehicle.

2.  ‘Chasing The edge’ Infiniti

Infiniti’s ‘Chasing the Edge: Speed Is Not Enough’ dramatically highlights the Q50 Eau Rouge prototype. In it, Sebastian Vettel and two other professional drivers race for the best track time on a closed course. We won’t tell you who wins, but be braced for nearly four minutes of cinematic music and pseudo-inspirational quotes about speed and the glory of racing.

1. ‘You Dare or You don’t’ Audi TTS

Well, it is the launch commercial of the third-generation Audi TTS in France. The TTS is known for its perfect balance of design, technology and sportsmanship to provide maximum pleasure and remarkable sensation of driving. The tagline of the campaign, “You Dare or You Don’t” creates a touch of provocative invitation to discover a unique, iconic and ultimate model in the automobile world. So, watch the TTS falling towards the earth like a meteor.

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