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Toyota Mirai is a Car That Transforms into Emergency Generator for Your House

The race to find a perfect alternative to fossil fuels is intensifying with each passing day. It is an extremely important field of research as it would be the next step in technology evolution as well as tremendously beneficial to the environment. But these technologies can also come in handy during emergencies like natural disasters. Taking cues from one the greatest disaster of Japan, the 2011 tsunami, Toyota is introducing a technology to convert your car into an emergency generator.

The 2016 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car with a range of 300 miles (482 kms) is impressive. It is also a futuristically designed car with LED headlights that make it look like a car from Tokyo Drift.

The car will give power out through its Chademo plug.

The car will give power out through its CHAdeMO plug.

The feature that Toyota adds to this car is a power-out facility that can be used to light up a house in case of power outage. The best part is that because it is powered by the fuel cell inside the car, the energy produced is emission-free. This will help decrease the release of obnoxious gasses and fumes around your house.

Toyota claims that the car can power a household using 10 kWh of electricity for up to 7 days. This would give you enough time to prepare for emergency services and set up an alternative power. The car has an energy capacity of more than 150 kilowatt-hours that churns out from 5 kilograms of hydrogen compressed at 10,000 psi. This energy can be utilised through a power-out CHAdeMO connector plug provided in the car.

The technology has been introduced by Honda with its FCV Concept Car, but it needs an external generator to power your house. However, Mirai does it for you directly.

During times of natural disaster, the first service to disappear is electricity. In such critical situations, restoring electricity is a major task, and this becomes a major concern for the authorities. The long-term solution to this problem would be an encouragement of off-grid power options. This way important institution like hospitals, emergency services, and household can continue with their jobs while the authorities restore the conventional grid-based electricity. That’s why, Toyota’s effort towards providing electricity generation solution is really appreciable. This technology could also come handy to Indians who face tremendous electricity crisis during the hot summer months. Presently, the electricity generation functionality of the Mirai is being provided to the cars sold in Japan and may be extended to other countries.

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