Jaguar F-Type All-Wheel-Drive Confirmed to Unveil at LA Auto Show

Jaguar is expected to unveil the F-TYPE AWD at this year’s Los Angles Auto Show which is going to take place on November 19th. The car will be pitted against the likes of Porsche 911, which caters to a wide array of buyers. The car revealed looks similar to that of regular rear-drive model, though, there’s a small ‘AWD’ logo on its trunk that should do all the talking.

We perhaps expect the next installment of the Jaguar F-TYPE to get the SVR treatment as well as an entry-level four-cylinder model, along with the new F-TYPE convertible. But before these come, the mesmerising sports car is geared up to come in its all-wheel-drive avatar.

Jaguar calls it the ‘Instinctive All-Wheel Drive’ system which will be unveiled in LA, adding that the extra traction now can take the R Coupé from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. Meanwhile, the electronically limited top speed remains the same at 186 mph. Full details are yet to be released, though we can expect Jaguar’s V-6 F-TYPE to come with all-wheel-drive. Meanwhile, other 14 separate F-TYPE variants will be revealed in LA by Jaguar.

Check out the video below where the new all-wheel-drive Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupé carries out a vital high-speed communications test ahead of a new Land Speed Record:

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