Tecnicar Lavinia : Italy’s First Electric Supercar

Italians generally are known for electric scooters and trains. But it seems now they are putting a super-car into production that will run on electricity.

Italian super-car makers were the first ones to embrace hybrids, but they’re reluctant to develop pure electric cars, which is not surprising when Italian automobile industry is virtually defined by gas engines. An Italian startup, Tecnicar, has confirmed its intentions to build an all-electric super-car called the Lavinia.


Tecnicar is based in Sicily and has already had success with building small electric vehicles and mobility scooters. This latest venture marks the first time the company has ventured into the automotive segment with a supercar. Tecnicar has created one other electric car prior to the Lavinia, but it was a small microcar called the Genius.

Producing 788bhp and undoubtedly an even more mammoth amount of torque, the Lavinia is expected to be capable of racing from 0-62 in 3.5 seconds and onto a 186mph top speed.


Tecnicar does have plenty of experience in making electric vehicles, but its experience lies in the building of things like the electric tourist train and mobility vehicles for the disabled. They released renderings which show that the Lavinia will avoid looking like a car for the future, and instead seems to take plenty of inspiration from analogue supercars like the Ferrari Enzo.

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