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The New Batmobile Unveiled

Batman has been around for a long time. The man has no super powers, but he has the greatest superpower known to man, he’s got money. With that in hand, the guy can take on anyone including occasional skirmishes with Superman. This will be the storyline of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. A teaser of the movie was shown at Comic Con this year, the movie is expected to release in the March of 2016. The movie will be titled “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” With the movie, DC plans to begin its cinematic universe to take on the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The wait is long for the movie to come out so occasionally the studio sends out a couple of teasers. It first began with the first look of Ben Affleck as Batman, a casting choice that had caused a lot of furor amongst fans. It was followed with the closed trailer at comic con, and now reports show the emergence of the new Batmobile.

The Batmobile has evolved phenomenally and has accustomed itself to the time of the release of the movies and TV Shows. Christopher Nolan’s Batman films took the Batmobile to the next level. Dubbed the “Tumbler” the Dark Knight films made good use of them. The Bat-Pod was the most surprising feature that enthralled the movie audience.

Now the director of the new movie, Zach Snyder  tweeted a photo of the new Batmobile, and we have to say it looks real badass. It resembles the Batmobile from the Batman Arkham.


Instagram user Amacro also posted a couple of images. Along with other that he has since taken down. You can watch it here.

These unveilings have gotten us really excited for the movie but the wait to the release of the movie is excruciatingly long. Fortunately the MCU schedule will keep us busy till then. Avengers 2 will also be coming out in May 2015. DC has been slow in countering Marvel’s movie advance and it has to come with something exceptional to get us interested in the Batman saga again. Don’t ruin it Zach Snyder!

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