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Tata To Develop New SUV’s With Land Rover

When Tata acquired Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) brand, it was a huge pride issue with Indians who saw it as a major landing of an Indian company on the global map. But the acquisition saw the companies working independently with the JLR concentrating on its premium cars while Tata played in the mid segment range. Tata now plans to increase its global visibility by developing SUV’s with Land Rover.

Tata’s board of directors have apparently given consent to bring out two SUV’s that will be developed with assistances from Land Rover. This news is surely going to get the serious off-road enthusiasts pumped, especially the ones who don’t have premium cash to spare.

The SUV's are expected to be powered by Jaguars's Ingenium engines

The SUV’s are expected to be powered by Jaguars’s Ingenium engines

The two potential SUV’s will be developed on a shared platform that will be used by Tata and Land Rover. The models are expected to be powered by JLR’s Ingenium engines. It is anticipated that these cars will have use about 50 percent of parts from the Freelander. These SUV’s are expected to come in five-seat and seven-seat variants.

The cars are expected to come out in 2017 which is still a long way from now. The cars will be developed for the global market with particular focus given to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The exposure will be gainful for Tata as well as auto manufacturers from India. With a government that encourages manufacturing, the Indian automobile sector will get a boost with foreign tie-ups and international attention, especially after a long gloomy sales period. Hopefully, Tata will bring its Ingenium engine laced SUV’s to its homeland too. 2017 we’ll be waiting for you.

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