Russian Company Unveils The Russia One, a Futuristic Tram System.

If you are looking for a country filled with adventure. May it be taking a dive in the frozen ponds during subzero temperatures or scaling tall buildings without safety gear or taking over Crimea, Russians are not the ones to hold back. Now a Russian tank manufacturer Uralvagonzavod(UVZ) has unveiled a prototype tram system called Russia One or the R1, which can be incorporated in Russian cities.


The Black and Bold design is unlike anything seen before in Tram systems

The R1 was showcased at the Innoprom 2014 industrial exhibition. Lukily this is not one of those prototypes which find their moment under the spotlight and then disappear or just become desktop wallpapers.

The Russia one is bidirectional so it can be operated from both ends. The tram is 24 meters in length and 2.5 meter wide. It can be equipped with 28-50 seats and can accommodate around 190-270 passengers at a time. It is equipped with Glonass and GPS systems and is secured through HD camera surveillance. The anti-bacterial hand rails are appreciable.


The interiors give a feel of being inside a Spaceship

The design of the tram is unlike anything ever seen before. The exteriors look extremely streamlined and the black just makes it look incredibly sexy. Get in and you’ll feel as if you have entered a futuristic spaceship capsule. It looks like the best combination of Comfy and Classy.

The makers have also put great consideration to the bone chilling temperatures of the Russian land. The R1 is equipped with grooved aluminum stepping boards which have built-in electric heaters. These heaters utilize the energy recovered during breaking to prevent icing during the dreaded winters. Most importantly, the trams electric will allow it to travel about 50km even if it is cut from the power source. This will make sure that all passengers will reach their destinations once they are in the system.


The Russia One will attract a lot many folks to public transport

Each tram costs a million euros each and will begin services in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg in time for the 2018 FIFA world cup. The public versions will have a few functional changes to make it suitable for daily public commute.

There are many prototypes being introduced to streamline urban public traffic and prevent it from devolving into complete anarchy. Making public transport more efficient and preferential is necessary as it will not just decrease the number of vehicles on the roads but will also be good for the environment. The Russia One looks like it will definitely attract a lot many riders who want a spaceship experience in an urban landscape.

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