Indian Farms Will Soon Roar With Lamborghini Tractors

Lamborghini is generally known for its super luxury cars in the market, but the company initially started making tractors before entering into the luxury car segment.

Lamborghini started manufacturing tractors in 1950’s, these tractors from the company will now be available in the Indian market as well. The tractor brand has been owned by the SDF Group since 1973. Lamborghini is planning to launch its tractor for the Indian market on 12th of December 2013, in the Kisan agricultural exhibition which is held in Pune.

The prices are not out yet, but we hope it will not be sky high as the tractors are made in India. Lamborghini tractors are made in Tamil Nadu and this will be the first time these tractors will be available in India, and the company will continue to export them in other countries.

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