GM India likely to be fined Rs 1.5 crore

GM India is likely to be fined Rs 1.5 crore under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, General Motors India recently recalled 1,14,000 Taveras in July this year. The Taveras were recalled in July for irregularities in exhaust emissions tests. The company subsequently initiated an internal probe under which employees were asked to leave.

The panel’s report also recommends two steps to prevent the recurrence of such malpractices, first on the part of the testing agencies and second, by an OEM. For the testing agency in this respect, ARAI Pune, there are suggestions to improve test procedures and methodology. It recommends random sampling, ascertaining the number of critical parts in the vehicle, strengthening the manpower conducting the tests and introducing the surprise element in the checking between intimation of the test to the car major and in the conduct of the actual test. Further, variations in manufacturing usually come from the thousands of machined parts that have to be built with micron-perfect accuracy.

A lot of these critical parts have to be outsourced, sometimes to various suppliers, and hence it becomes difficult to ensure consistency in manufacturing. Therefore, the need to check the critical parts as well. P Balendran, vice-president, GM India, has confirmed that the production and sale of BS III Tavera 7-,8-, 9- and 10- seater variants has commenced at its Halol facility. “We also expect to start production of the BS IV variant soon after receiving required approvals. Production of the Tavera BS III is in line with market conditions and will be ramped up as per demand,” he said.

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