Honda Unveils New CBR300R

Honda unveiled new CBR300R in 12th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition which is being held in Chongqing (from October 17 through 20, 2013). The Japanese automaker will manufacture the Honda CBR300R at its plant in Thailand and will be sold in China. The CBR300R looks different from the CBR250R with very few design being common between them. The twin headlights at the front are inspired from larger Honda bikes (Fireblade).


Honda could replace the CBR250R with the CBR300R in future like Kawasaki Ninja 250R replaced by 300. The CBR300R will be powered by 300cc engine which deliver 35Bhp and 29Nm of torque. This engine is essentially the same motor which is used on the 250R. The Honda CBR300R likely to have lesser weight than the CBR250R. The CBR300R will be offered in two variants – Standard and ABS. Only two colors are revealed as of now, Ross White and Millennium Red.

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