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Brilliant ‘Sound of Honda’ Commercial Celebrates Ayrton Senna [w/Video]

In 2015, we will witness the return of Honda to Formula One in collaboration with McLaren, but when you mention those two together, one man’s legacy is never far behind: Ayrton Senna. The late brazilian legend scored three world championships with McLaren, running Honda engines before his death at Imola in 1994.

In 1989, McLaren’s MP4/5 Formula One car, driven by Senna and powered by a Honda 3.5-litre V10 engine set the world’s fastest lap at the qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix. The 1989 race at Suzuka turned out to be one of the most momentous of his career for good and bad reasons; he won, then was stripped of, the driver’s championship. That was the same year, in which Honda introduced telemetry systems to Formula One. Honda Japan has now released a stunning commercial called Sound of Honda in tribute to the racing great.

In the following video, Honda has used sound and telemetry data from Senna’s ‘89 MP4/5 and lined the Suzuka circuit with speakers and lights and used Senna’s telemetry data from 1989, to bring him back to life, if only for a minute or so. Enlarge the video, turn up the speakers, and once you’ve seen it, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.


[youtube id=”oeO2q8FzcnM” width=”100%” height=”300px”]


[Source: Honda JPPR via YouTube]

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