2013 Audi S6 now for sale in India for Rs. 85.9 lakhs

Its been a long wait, but Audi has finally realised that a demand for sports sedans does exist in the growing Indian market. After launching the S4, the German automaker has now launched the S6, which is of course the ‘hot’ variant of the A6 executive sedan.

The S6 is propelled by a big 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 putting out some serious power, 415 bhp to be precise. An impressive 56kgm of torque is produced and A 7-speed S-Tronic DSG transfers power to all four wheels thanks to the Audi’s iconic ‘Quattro’ all-wheel drive system. Audi claims the S6 can go form a standstill to a 100 kmph in 4.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 248 kmph. The S6 also packs Cylinder on Demand technology, which shuts off four cylinders during low load conditions, due to which it has a claimed fuel efficiency of 9.7 liters per 100km (10.3km/l).


Since the S6 is based on the A6, the styling is mostly similar, except for a few aggressive upgrades which help distinguish the sporty variant. Chrome and aluminium accents find their way to the front grille and a small rear spoiler is also added to the mix. The S6 gets larger wheels wearing lower profile tyres and a stiffer suspension setup, in tune with the more powerful engine.


Directly in competition with the extremely capable BMW M5, the Jaguar XFR and soon to be launched Merecedes Benz E63 AMG, the Audi S6 finds itself in a highly competitive segment. However, a relatively cheaper price, at Rs. 85.99 lakhs may work in its favour.

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