Volvo Pure Tension Concept has Folding Solar Pavilion

Everyday we come across concept cars which promise to change the future, but aren’t much more than a carbon fibre monocoque riding on magnesium rims. The “Pure Tension” Volvo V60 Pavilion however, is really something else.

Commissioned by Volvo Italy and the winner of the Pure Volvo Pavilion Design competition, the Pure Tension solar pavilion is an experimental creation, developed by Synthesis Design + ArchitectureBuro Happold, and Fabric Images. The mysterious floating sculpture of sorts seen floating above the rendered Volvo V60 is a pavilion, like the ones erected for trade shows or outdoor events. The pavilion is a tensioned membrane structure constructed using a flexible HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) mesh skin, held in place by carbon fibre rods, which can fully collapse and fit inside the trunk of the V60 when not in use. The Pure Tension however isn’t designed to just provide shelter and look pretty while doing it; It doubles up as a power source as well.

Pure Tension

The mesh is embedded with photovoltaic cells so that the pavilion can absorb energy from the sun or indoor lighting, making it a portable charging station. It can power itself or the V60 which aptly so, is a diesel hybrid that plugs straight into the pavilion.

According to reports, the Pure Tension Volvo V60 Pavilion concept will be shown in September in Rome. The creation however is lightyears away from being market ready, and chances of us ever seeing such a car on the road are quite small. But the Pure Tension is a great example of true innovation in the automotive industry, and is comfortable proof that the ability to think differently about the cars of the future, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

[Source: Synthesis +DNA]

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