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Minerva announces 400 kmph J.M. Brabazon supercar

Meet the J.M. Brabazon, a plug-in hybrid built by Minerva. Reportedly named after a famous British racing driver, the supercar built with a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and Kevlar-carbon bodywork boasts an estimated maximum speed in excess of 400 kmph (248 mph). But if you have no clue what Minerva is, we can’t blame you.Minerva

The automotive manufacturer was founded in the fall of 1897 by a certain Sylvain De Jong, who had prior experience with bicycles, motorcycles and journalism. After building more than 50,000 passenger cars in the early 20th century, with names such as Type C, Type D and Type E, the company shut its doors in 1956. Now, more than 50 years later, the manufacturer has “risen again from the ashes”, as put by Minerva itself, and just announced its first modern vehicle – the J.M. Brabazon.

The mid-mounted engine will be a twin-turbocharged V12, mated to a six-speed sequential F1 gearbox, with two electric motors powering the front wheels. Any one of five performance modes (Economy, Normal, Sport, Race and Safe Mode) may be selected, each intended to keep the coupe aligned with the driver’s mindset.


With a promised power-to-weight ratio of 1:1, we can expect mindnumbing performance from the Belgian manufacturer. Minerva has not announced an on-sale date, but a prototype should make an appearance during the upcoming auto show season.

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