Tesla to Unveil its $35,000 Model 3 in March

When you think of a Tesla vehicle, you’ll either think of the Model S or the Model X SUV. Both are fantastic EVs that have propelled Tesla as the leader in the electric and autonomous department. However, these vehicles come at a very steep price, which is why Tesla has promised a cheaper new car for the masses.

By cheaper we mean somewhere around the $35,000 price range. This is what the Model 3 (tentatively called) will be priced at. Tesla has announced that we will get to see the unveiling of the Model 3 on the 31st of March while sales will begin late 2017.


One of the ways Tesla is planning to achieve this low-cost target is with the help of its battery building gigafactory that will be up and running this year. The gigafactory will also amp up production speeds more than ever before. The company has already seen 14,037 EVs rolled out in Q4 which is a good sign and also wants to push out a 1,000 units of the Model X every week in Q2.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the Model 3 is designed to ease manufacturing and will also be lighter than the  Model S. Musk also stated that he hasn’t yet reached a decision on how much of the Model 3 the company plans on revealing next month.

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