Google’s Self Driving Cars to be Equipped with Wirless Charging

As we’ve been told for sometime now, self driving cars are the thing for the future. And now, even before they’ve arrived, Google has plans to make them even cooler . Reports suggest, Google has plans to bring wireless charging capabilities to its planned self driving cars.

Google is developing a system that will involve resonant magnetic induction, a form of wireless charging which will see transmitters embedded in pavements ready to power up these vehicles as they pass over them, or make a pit stop over these charging areas for quick recharging of batteries.


Google in partnership with Hevo Power, and Momentum Dynamics have been given the green signal to install experimental resonant magnetic induction chargers at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, and in its nearby Castle facility that the tech giant is using for trials of is driverless cars.

An efficient wireless charging system would allow Google and other manufacturers to use smaller, lighter batteries than the ones in current electric vehicles, helping them cut down on the car prices, while also improving the aerodynamics of the car because of the decrease in weight.

But that aside, the bigger picture here for Google is to create an easy-to-implement charging solution for its electric cars of the future. The endgame as it looks right now is to set up a convenient system before the driverless cars come in. The reason for this is that when they eventually do make it to the markets, the cars get an added push because of this futuristic infrastructure already having been put in place.

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