Jaguar SVR

Jaguar F-Type SVR to be Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2016

Jaguar has revealed plans for its all-new F-Type SVR model ahead of its global debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The supercar will go on sale in several markets by summer of 2016. The Tata-owned automobile manufacturer promises to give the Jaguar the same treatment that it earlier gave to the iconic Land Rover to cater to customers who love the thrill of speed. JLR Special Vehicles Operations( SVO) team has now decided to show some much-needed love to the Jaguar.

F-Type SVR is being engineered for optimum performance. The design scheme will try to enhance the Jaguar’s sporty and racing DNA.  This first Jaguar to receive the SVR treatment will be available in two options which can be used as everyday work-to-home vehicles as well.

The coupe model of the Jaguar F-Type SVR will have a top speed of 321 km/h, while the other convertible model will be able to clock fastest speed of 312 km/h. The engine and gearbox are shared by the models, and they both come equipped with carbon ceramic brakes as standard.  F-Type SVR uses a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine to produce 567bhp. F-Type SVR is an all-wheel drive vehicle,  and also comes with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Aerodynamic enhancements also include a new rear diffuser and a rear wing that will reduce lift by up to 80%. A Larger intake is also seen which is expected to offer improved engine and brake cooling.

Expect to shell upwards of a 100,oo0 pounds( approx Rs 97,31,500) if you want to own this special vehicle crafted by the SVO team for the speed freak in you.

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