Google Self-Driving Cars are Safer than Conventional Cars

By now, everyone must be aware that self-driving or autonomous cars are what the near future holds. Over the past few years, carmakers have been focusing their time and research on electric vehicles with autonomous tech. Just take a look look at what CES 2016 had to offer and you’ll know the current thinking around the automotive circle.

Google is one such company which has been hard at work with its self-driving cars. The company has already tested the cars on the roads last year, and while they weren’t crash proof, they did drive lot better than human beings.

According to a recent study, commissioned by Google, a self-driving car is 27-percent less likely to crash over a extended period of time. The study was conducted exclusively on Google’s self-driving fleet. Google stated that its cars have never been in an accident where the autonomous vehicle was at fault.

Google self-driving car Beta public roads edit

The report also claimed that while conventional cars suffer about 4.2 crashes for every million miles driven, only 3.2 crashes per million are accorded to autonomous vehicles for the same duration. However, the self-driving cars have yet to be tested in many other states, and its perhaps still too soon to talk about the safety of autonomous vehicles.

That being said, it is still a positive sign at the development of autonomous car safety, and what could be potentially a driverless future for the world.

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