Zarooq’s Street-Legal Sand Racer is Priced at $100,000

Zarooq’s Sand Race is ideal for those who want the feel of an off-road dune jumper that is both comfortable and powerful. The Sand Racer, built by UAE-based Zarooq Motors is available for a cool $100,000 in specific areas around the world.

The Sand Racer, though it is street-legal, will not be allowed for on-road driving but can be used for duking it out in nearby sand dunes and racing other people in that particular environment. The Sand Racer will be unveiled to automotive journalists and potential clients in January 2016.



The Sand Racer features carbon fiber interior and exterior, an infotainment system, comfort seats, spare wheel, car cover, LED lights, as well as things like cupholders, a glove box, among other things. The Sand Racer is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that can produce either 400 or 500 horsepower, and comes with dynamic off-road suspension that helps give a ground clearance of 17 inches. As of now, the confirmed top speed is 200 km/h, though that may change in future.

What’s interesting about the Sand Racer is that it is designed to be driven on the street with an automatic transmission that lets you drive it to and fro from your house after roughing it up at the dunes.

Zarooq is also building an 0ff-road circuit in Dubai for sand racing fanatics. The circuit will provide a safe and and dynamic environment for competitions.

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