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Volkswagen Reveals Repair Plans for Affected Diesel Engines in Europe

It’s time for Volkswagen to clean up the mess it has caused with the diesel emissions scandal. The company has stated plans to fix the emissions of both its 1.6- and 2.0-liter diesel models in Europe, in a press release issued Wednesday morning. The plan sees fixes for both mechanical and software updates to bring the engine in compliance with EU28 emissions law.

This comes just days after Volkswagen-owned Audi also reported plans for software update for its 3.0-litre diesel engines. Audi has estimated that the cost of update could reach into the  “mid-double-digit millions of euros” for the company. Let it also be known that Audi’s plan for the update is only for the 3.0-liter engines and will not work for the 2.0-liter engines currently affected. The update will likely affect the the performance and fuel economy of the vehicles in order to be emission compliant.

VW says that 1.6-litre engines will get both mechanical and software updates. The affected models will be fitted with a “flow transformer” in the intake just ahead of the air mass sensor that will improve the sensor’s “measuring accuracy”. The 2-liter models, on the other hand, will not need any mechanical additions and will only require a software update in order to make them emissions compliant.

VW hopes that these changes will not affect the overall performance and fuel efficiency of the car. That, however, will only be known when the retrofitted cars go for a test run. Moreover, one will also have to wait and see if Volkswagen damage control can help rebuild customers’ trust after the dust settles.

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